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Merchant Banking and Development

Your source for Merchant Banking services, including mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financing, development and financial restructuring.

Capital raise facilitated through the Gathering of Angels for IMED Atlanta, GA


Capital Raise

Capital fundings facilitated since 1996 from $20K to $12.5M with the Gathering of Angels

433+ Capital Fundings

Four Seasons Atlanta, Westin Buckhead, and Renaissance Concourse ATL Airport hotels

3 Atlanta


The sale of 50 acres of CSX land to the State of GA for the former Georgia Dome



With guidance, insight, wisdom and instruction from the Merchant Bankers of old in Europe and Asia, Sweetwater Capital offers finance, deal and transaction structuring, early stage capital, business brokerage and development. We bring intellect, domain expertise and creativity to our clients’ problems, challenges and opportunities. Each engagement with Sweetwater is thoroughly vetted for potential, planned and executed in a professional and timely manner for the benefit of our clients and their budgets. Our partners and advisors are seasoned C-suite executives and finance trained professionals solely focused on client outcomes and their success.

Our Mission

History of Merchant Banking

Merchant Banking has a long and venerable history and has played a role in the facilitation of trade, finance and commerce for centuries. Merchant banking actually dates back to the Middle Ages and the Italian grain merchants where they would finance long trade journeys and provide loans against the production and trading of grain.


In France in the 17th and 18th century, a merchant banker was not only a finance trader but received the status of being an “entrepreneur par excellence”. The Merchant banks in the United Kingdom came into existence in the early 19th century, the oldest being Baring Brothers.


In 1803, Baring teamed with Hope & Sons from the Netherlands to facilitate the Louisiana Purchase. In the 19th century with the rise of trade and industry in the USA, this led to many powerful new Merchant Banks culminating in the creation of J.P. Morgan & Company. Today most of the major money center banks have merchant banking operations and are a major source of the bank’s profitability and often shrouded in the old-world mystery of Finance.

Sweetwater Capital and its predecessor companies Equinox and Braemar Group offer Merchant Banking services of both equity and debt finance to companies and real estate projects looking for capital. The seasoned team of senior finance professionals has been assembled and vetted and currently numbers six Partners and Senior Advisors. Tarby Bryant is the Managing Partner and has an MBA from Georgia State University with high honors in Finance and 40+ years of Finance, deal structuring and deal making expertise.

  • Prospective Business Owners
    Interested in buying a business? Or are you a key employee acquiring an interest in the current owner’s business? Again, the right place. Sweetwater can guide you at each step. Our principals have counseled numerous buyers to reach their financial dreams as business owners. Sweetwater can assist in sourcing financing as necessary. Contact us for a complimentary and confidential consultation.
  • Current Business Owners
    Thinking of selling your business? Or selling part ownership to a key employee? Or perhaps need new growth capital? For these events and more, you have come to the right place. Transitioning your business can be one of life’s more financially rewarding events or one of the more stressful times. Sweetwater will help you with the former, whether your goal is to continue your legacy or obtain the best price for your equity. Our principals have a long track record of deals and fund raising. Contact us for a complimentary and confidential consultation.

Featured Projects Completed by Sweetwater Capital

SCC facilitated the Republic Airlines regional headquarters at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. 

Republic Airlines Regional Headquarters

SCC facilitated the sale of 50 acres of CSX land to the state of Georgia for the construction of the former Georgia Dome stadium in Atlanta, GA.

50 Acres of Land for the Former Georgia Dome

SCC completed the very complex multi-national finance for the Atlanta Four Seasons Hotel - 53 story GLC mixed use building-hotel & office & condos.

Atlanta Four Seasons Hotel

SCC facilitated funding for the Westin Hotel - Buckhead Atlanta.

Westin Hotel - Buckhead Atlanta

Sweetwater Capital Partners

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Dan Forsman

Ben Pitts

Chapin Hunt

Lonnie Saboor

Vivian Bryant

Tony Tortorici

Wes Pennington


Gathering of Angels™

Angel investor network for high growth and scalable startups. 433+ capital fundings since October 1996 ranging from $20K to $12.5M. 

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For more information and to submit your venture or project for funding review and consideration, please contact:

Tarby Bryant, Managing Partner



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